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    Scientists are wonderful people. Not content with merely curing diseases, discovering new species and inventing those futuristic hover boards we’ve all been waiting for, they’ve also gone and given us the perfect excuse to take more holidays.

    A recent study suggests that going on a two week sunshine break could boost your immune system and fight against illnesses. This is based on a laboratory test which moved mice from their normal environment to a large cage packed with toys for two weeks. The new surroundings appeared to boost their white blood cells, which fight off infections.

    ‘You could say that we’ve just put them in their equivalent of a holiday resort for two weeks and let them enjoy their new surroundings,’ says Professor Fulvio D’Acquisto, of Queen Mary University of London.

    While the study hasn’t been tested on humans yet (any takers?), Professor D’Acquisto is convinced that the results go some way towards proving that going on holiday is good for your health.

    So with this in mind, and with summer well and truly behind us, we can’t think of a better excuse to start planning your 2017 holiday. And to help you on your way, we’ve pulled together a handy list of hotels in the destinations that offer the best chance for soaking up the sun next July and August.


    Hotel – Hotel Saturno

    Temperature check – around 30 degrees.

    The Hotel Saturno is part of a three-hotel complex that notches up nine pools, a trio of buffet restaurants and a First Choice Kids’ Club. But the real draw here is that – as a SplashWorld hotel – you get free unlimited access to the waterpark next door. And it’s got something for all the family, too. Daredevils can take on the fearsome Kamikaze, competitive types can race on the multi-lane slide, while the little ones have a mini-park with shallow water and octopus-themed slides. And with the temperature normally peaking at around 30 degrees, it’s the perfect way to cool off.



    Hotel – Hotel Barcelo Isla Cana

    Temperature check – around 30 degrees in July and August.

    Luxury is the watchword at the this First Choice Premier hotel. There’s a traditional-yet-modern feel to the place, with a design that mimics a traditional Andalusian village – all whitewashed walls and terracotta roofs. It’s made for relaxing, with two huge pools, a prime spot by the beach and a nearby promenade that’s lined with bars and restaurants. That’s not to say you’ll be short of things to do though. The hotel has been known to put on flamenco shows and Spanish guitarists, plus you’ll be able to unleash your inner Robin Hood at the archery range.




    HotelTUI Magic Life Waterworld Imperial 

    Temperature check – up to 40 degrees in July and August.

    Temperatures can reach a thermometer-melting 40 degrees in this part of the world. So it’s lucky that this hotel lets you try out water sports like wakeboarding and water-skiing for free. They’ve even got that trusty holiday classic – the banana boat – to take a ride on. And the All Inclusive benefits don’t stop there. You’ll be able to treat yourself to an à la carte dinner a few times a week, and there’s a bar that’s open 24 hours. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to swimming, too, with an impressive seven pools, plus an onsite waterpark with seven slides to pick from.



    HotelHoliday Village Kos 

    Temperature check – mid-30s in July and August.

    The Holiday Village Kos is a good all-rounder, offering plenty to do for kids and adults alike. Sports and activities are the order of the day, and the highlight has got to be the Aerial Adventure. It’s a purpose-built rope course where you’ll have to climb, clamber and slide to reach the end. Don’t worry though – you’ll be safely harnessed in the whole way. For the grown-ups there’s a spa and sauna, plus a clutch of restaurants including an American-style diner. And when it all gets a bit much, you’ve got an adults-only bar to escape to. The temperature can reach a respectable 35 degrees around July and August, so it might be worth making good use of the trio of pools and the kids’ splash park.




    HotelEl Dorado Royale Spa Resort by Karisma 

    Temperature check – high 20s to low 30s in July and August.

    This place is a 5-star Premier hotel that’s just for adults, and it’s got a great location right next to a mile-long stretch of sandy beach. Little luxuries can be found in all corners of the hotel, from the in-room whirlpool baths, to the 4-poster sunbeds that line the five pools. But what really sets it apart is the All Inclusive package. Far from the usual buffet affair, you can eat at nine different restaurants that, between them, cover cuisine from all over the world. Not only that, but alcohol is served until the early hours of the morning, and room service is available 24 hours.



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