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  • It’s Chocolate Week here in the UK, so to celebrate we’ve found some countries who took their love of chocolate too far…

    It’s national Chocolate Week, so we can all get stuck into the sweet stuff with wild abandon (just for a few days, anyhow). But while you agonise over whether it’s a Crunchie kind of day or time for a cheeky Flake, have you ever considered trying some of the more ‘artisan’ varieties out there? We’ve scoured the world – sort of – and these are officially the strangest choccie concoctions known to man…

    Sweet Potato – Japan

    Everyone loves a hearty portion of sweet potato fries, with a burger, maybe. But popping them in chocolate may be a tad too much, even for us. Not surprisingly, this wacky purple sweet potato Kit Kat comes from Japan, the home of crazy culinary inventions. Think we’ll just stick to it in veggie form, thanks.

    Basmati Rice with Saffron – Austria

    From the same company that once brought us a peanut butter and ketchup chocolate bar to celebrate Obama’s presidential win comes this little curiosity. It contains “fluffy light” basmati rice, saffron and raspberry vinegar. For real.

    Bacon – America

    We’ve had bacon vodka, bacon jam and even bacon toothpaste. Now, you can sample your favourite porky product in chocolate too.This beauty has a sweet splash of maple syrup paired with some salty bacon bits. And while our brains are telling us ‘noooo, thanks’, our hearts are telling us ‘yes, puhhlease.’ Which is frankly a bit worrying.

    Cheese and Onion – Ireland 

    Back in 2013, Irish company Tayto decided to make a slightly nightmarish cheese and onion crisp chocolate bar. They sold all of the 100,000 samples made,which were described as “crunchy chocolate with a lingering taste of cheese and onion”. Yum…

    Pig Blood – Italy 

    Sanguinaccio is not one for the faint-hearted. It’s a chocolate dessert from Italy which includes shaved chocolate, milk, orange peel, sugar and the blood of a freshly slaughtered pig. It’s often served with some sponge fingers for you to dip in. Fancy trying it yourself? 

    Shiitake Mushrooms – America 

    How do you like your mushrooms? In a soup? Risotto style? Well, now you can have it in your chocolate. This bar includes dried mushrooms and Peruvian dark chocolate ganache, hand-dipped in nutty Colombian chocolate. Dish this out to your pals and you’ll surely be the fun-ghi of the group. Head to America with our sister company Thomson for your chance to taste it.

    Tobacco – Cuba 

    Nothing says Cuba like cigars and rum, so if you fancy a taste of authentic Havana then a chunk of this will have you dreaming of cabaret bars and vintage cars in no time. It contains real cigar leaves soaked in rum, which is a world away from your typical Galaxy bar. If chomping on tobacco is your thing, have a go here.

    If you enjoyed these treats, you’ll love reading about the weirdest chocolate experiences in the world.