First Choice Blog
  • Check out our hit list of travel blogs guaranteed to give you a case of wanderlust…

    Our daily reading list includes War And Peace, The Financial Times, and a long list of travel blogs. Okay, so we’re fibbing about the first 2, but the last one is definitely true.

    When we’re not off jet-setting, we like to live vicariously through others. If you’re the same, bookmark these blogs and you’ll have that ‘what’s the next stamp on my passport gonna be?’ dilemma sorted in no time.

    Actually, that’s a lie, too. You’ll be sucked in to their vortex of witty words and stupidly gorgeous images, and emerge a week later dazed and with a list of ‘want to visits’ as long as your arm.


    1) Inside the Travel Lab

    Since casting aside her stethoscope, doctor-turned-digital-wanderer Abi has embarked on a life on the road. So, how’s that worked out for her? Pretty damn well, if her loyal following is anything to go by. Her blog marries style with substance – it tempts, inspires, and makes you think. The best travel blogs are written by people you’d actually want to travel with. Abi is case in point.  


    2) I Wander

    Bino writes beautifully and way beyond his 20 years. You won’t find any light and fluffy descriptions of tourist traps here – he documents his travels to places off the beaten track, shedding misconceptions along the way. We especially love his post ‘Ten Unknown Towns in Asia You Must Visit Before You Die’. Compelling stuff.


    3) Camels & Chocolate

    Warning: Kristin’s ‘tales from a travel addict’ incite major trip envy. Her blog looks – and reads – like a glossy magazine, which isn’t surprising given her background as a showbiz reporter. Shot after drool-worthy shot will have you tripling your travel wish list within the first 5 minutes. Oh, and she dishes serious celeb gossip on the side. Bonus.


    4) The Lazy Travelers

    Any blog that makes us guffaw out loud is a favourite in our book. Written by ‘the romantic’ and ‘the wino’ – we love these girls already – it keeps track of the twosome’s adventures, including getting locked in an Austrian dungeon in the dead of night. And driving across Ireland without a valid licence – not something we approve of, obviously, but we still want to read about it. And then guffaw some more.


    5) The Style Junkies

    Right from the word go, this site will have you hypnotised. It encompasses everything ‘luxury travel’. Although every single place featured no doubt costs a pretty penny, it won’t stop us looking. Not to mention pinning 90% of the images on to our Pinterest account.  


    6) Backpacks & Bunkbeds

    Londoner Neil’s blog is a one-stop shop for advice on budget travel. His backpacking adventures after uni, along with his more recent trips, have turned him into a fountain of nomadic knowledge. His style of writing is as informative as it is down-to-earth, detailing his trips across Europe, Asia, and beyond. Check out the handy ‘Shop’ section for kit he recommends for the wannabe wanderer.    


    7) The World & Then Some

    Ellie may have returned from her RTW trip, but that won’t stop her blogging. Thank goodness. Her posts read like emails to a friend, peppered with plenty of photos for us to sigh over and jam-packed with advice we’ll be referring to each time we plan a getaway. Special mentions must go to her impressive bucket list and ‘The Ultimate A-Z of Round the World Travel’.   


    8) Cookiesound is Travelling

    If you’re a sucker for amazing photography, then check out the chronicles of über-cool Nisa and Ulli Maier. This mother-and-daughter combo take the kind of photos that make our Instagram feed look like the bumbled attempts of a 2-year-old. Even though they include narrative on their blog, our advice is to skip to the ‘Gallery’ page, which boasts images that tell stories with no need for words.


    9) Around the World in 80 Jobs

    Our hero Turner laughs in the face of a regular 9-5 and travels the world in search of far more exciting employment. Italian pizza maker? Done. Tequila harvester? Nailed it. He also documents the jobs he admits to failing at. Thoroughly likeable and massively readable.


    10) Migrationology

    Food and travel go hand-in-hand, right? Well, that’s certainly true for us. That’s why Mark’s blog sends us to foodie heaven every time we visit. And has us dangerously close to licking our computer screen. Don’t believe us? Read ‘100 Thai Dishes to Eat in Bangkok’ and tell us you’re not tempted.


    Which travel blogs do you enjoy reading?