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  • A new space race is starting between the hotels of the world, as they attempt to break the record for creating the biggest swimming pool on earth. And while they focus on size, it seems we’re all about the waves…

    © San Alfonso del Mar

    Meeting someone by the pool is easier said than done at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile. You need coordinates and a compass when organising a rendezvous here. The world’s largest pool [] has some gargantuan vital statistics. It’s the length of more than 20 Olympic swimming pools, 115 feet deep, and filled with 66 million gallons of water.

    © San Alfonso del Mar

    Built in 2006, this sea-sized pool hit the headlines again recently, because a rival for the title of ‘world’s largest pool’ has appeared on the scene. Once the Citystars resort in Sharm El Sheikh is fully constructed, its swimming pool is set to be 10 acres bigger than the one in Chile.

    At First Choice HQ, all this talk of navigable swimming pools has got us thinking about our own collection. And we’ve realised there’s a record-breaker in our midst. Stay at our SplashWorld Parque Cristobal Bungalows in Tenerife and you get free unlimited access to Siam Park waterpark, whose wave pool produces the biggest artificial waves in the world. These tidal-style breakers can reach up to 3 metres in height.

    The swimming pool at Holiday Village Turkey is a bit of a supersizer, too. Granted, you can’t sail your yacht on it, but at 2,652 square metres, there’s more than enough room to swing a lilo or two.

    To find out more about SplashWorld click here. To test the water at our Holiday Villages, click here.